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Quick-Mix Wand - Supplement Mixer

Mix any supplement with ease.

Mix any powder supplement with absolute ease with the IV Nutrition Quick-Mix Wand.

Say goodbye to stirring madly with a fork or shaking the stuck powder off the bottom of the shaker. The Quick-Mix Wand allows you to mix powders and clean up quickly with its simplistic & functional design.

  • High quality kitchen grade stainless steel
  • Custom stand that sits perfectly beside any blender, coffee machine, kitchen tap or kettle.
  • Lightweight, easy to clean design
  • Sleek black design with soft touch button

Effortlessly mix, rinse and slot back into the stand!

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Benefits 🏆
  • Aids Digestive Health
  • Aid Microbiome Flourishing
  • Formulated with 100% sugarcane fibre and nothing else
  • Loaded with natural prebiotic fibre for intestinal health
  • Aids heartburn relief
  • Can help to reduce bloating
  • Low FODMAP and Gluten Free
Ingredients 🌾
  • Gut Health is formulated from 100% sugarcane fibre, and nothing else.
  • We use virgin processing methods so our formula retains the essential phytonutrients of the plant in nature
  • Its had 95% of the sugar removed, and it's loaded with natural prebiotics and soluble/insoluble fibre.
  • No added flavours, colours or preservatives
Australian Made 🦘🇦🇺
  • IV Nutrition's revolutionary ingredient is sourced from natural sugarcane on Queensland Farms.
  • The raw ingredients are quality checked and assembled into the finished product at our facility in Sydney and shipped to the Gold Coast HQ.